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Winter fabric materials you need to craft your winter wardrobe

Standing in front of your wardrobe and confused about where to start? Nayab’s Rogue is going to help you prep up your wardrobe for this winter.

Here are some winter fabric materials you need to craft your winter wardrobe.


Cashmere spun finely turns into its variant, Pashmina. Shawls and scarves made from Pashmina are of high-quality fiber. They look trendy & modern while providing all the warmth at the same time. Women of every age group will enjoy wearing Pashmina if they consider it for their winter wardrobes.


Kaddar is very popular this winter also. For the past couple of years, lightweight khaddar has made itself as an easy-to-wear substitute to original khaddar suits. Younger girls enjoy this material more.


Velvet is back in trend this year. Velvet dresses, lightly embellished with beads & sequins look elegant and luxurious. Accessorized with gold jewelry, a plain mono-tone velvet suit is all you need to give yourself a royal look.  Ponchos, capes, and velvet coats will be trending this winter.


Over-all prints are easily available y now in local markets, suggesting you to get your casual dresses in printed linens. Linens are soft & breathable, which makes the material more practical yet trendy. Polka dots and simple patterns are a great choice for this year.


This material has never been out of trend, since the rise of the winter season on earth. The most popular leather items in your wardrobe should include a leather jacket and a pair of leather shoes. Long leather coats with jeans can be your go-to style. This can easily step up your fashion game for this winter season.

Annnd, here is your bonus – a color guide for your winter wardrobe. Neutral tones like beige, grey, and creamy white are going to be top-rated ones. They can be complemented with an accessory of a popping bright color. Classic blues and maroons are also being considered into this year’s wardrobe.

Get ready for shopping and set up your winter wardrobe!


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