Wedges are elevated heels which evenly distributes the foot pressure, making wedges the comfiest yet most stylish shoes to wear. This triangle shape footwear can be carried with western or eastern dresses and elevates the look instantly.
The height of the shoe begins from the toe and spans all the way across the sole to the heels. Sometimes the heel can be a little, sometimes it’s highly elevated which gives a sharply stylish look. Ofcourse you can choose according to your taste and comfort.
Wedge heels can be paired up with jeans-kurta, shalwar-kameez, or skirts. The most appropriate event to wear wedge heels could be picnics, outdoor parties, or a casual hangout with your friends.
Wedges were not the most stylish shoes of 2020, but those who prefer a style with comfort did go with it. Wedge shoes are for all age types; from young to older ones. Wedges are quite more bearable and comfortable than stilettos or other shoes with high and sharp heels.
This type of shoe is safe as it distributes weight evenly throughout the foot, rather can creating pain points at heels or toes. Hence one can wear it for longer times, and lengthy events. Wedges can be bought at local markets or if your budget allows you can go for designer ones also.



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