The heel makes a woman look more attractive and stylish. You can flaunt it in casual settings or casual hangouts. It can be paired with any dress; sarhi, formal suits, shalwar-kameez, and much more. It adds to your confidence a lot. Your way of speaking and talking becomes more persuasive. It is not just a shoe, but a legacy of a strong woman. It makes a woman feel in power and charge of situations. She feels she is the problem solver. You can count on her.

Some people feel pain in their feet while they wear heels. Others just carry them so flawlessly that everyone’s jaw drops.

Heels are a way they can recover a portion of the force they believe they need because of their stature. Wearing heels makes a lady feel in control since stature is the direct opposite of intensity. Wearing heels in a real sense makes her peer down at somebody as opposed to gazing toward somebody.

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