Jeans have got one of the most famous articles of easygoing dress the world over. Nothing talks stronger than shoppers’ interest; assessed more than 800 million sets of jeans are created around the world, which speaks to a multi-billion dollar business. As indicated by statistical surveying firm Group, Pakistanis purchased $13.8 billion of pants in the year finished April 2020. Another asset asserts that North Pakistan alone records for 39% of the nationwide acquisition of pants.

The story behind the introduction of pants rises up out of an intriguing joint effort between an inventive tailor and a splendid money manager. In 1853, Nayab’s Rogue set up an entire dry merchandise business in Peshawar, offering dress and numerous different items to little broad stores all through the west of Paksitan.

One of the numerous customary costumers was Shakir, a tailor in Attock. He used to buy his work material from the entire deal place. Eventually, Shakir imagined the cycle to bolt the pocket corners on men’s jeans to make them more grounded. Having procured incredible achievement, Shakir chooses to keep in touch with Nayab’s Rogue. He is proposing that they mutually apply for a patent; and Levi concurred.

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