Decorate your surrounding with our new category of handmade art and craft. The products will not only appeal to you physically but also with the emotional touch that the artisans of underprivileged areas are empowered through your purchase. The wide variety of products available are made using the best available raw material in the area with utmost precision and delicacy. The Products are made by the skilled women of the merged districts of KP trained under the AID to Uprooted People project funded by European Union, financed through KFW, and implemented by Sarhad Rural Support Program. Now, these beautiful products are going to be market by Nayab’s rogue which will motivate these skilled women to do more and to live a better life. Please show your love by purchasing the already available products or you can ask for a customized product, according to your liking. Your small step can bring a big change in the artisan’s life. Experience the traditions! We support the creative micro-producers across Pakistan to sell products of local culture and tradition.

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