When there are endless alternatives accessible on the lookout, it’s difficult to pick directly from the numerous sorts of cosmetics foundations.

However, it depends on your skin, yet in addition as per the event, season of day, and different elements.

Mostly we experience foundations in its fluid structure. Liquid foundations usually come in oil-based just as water-based combinations, and oblige all skin types.

Generally, however, these are constantly the most favourable choices for those with dry skin.

You can apply fluid establishment with wipes, brushes, and, with a little practice, even your fingers.

Powdered foundations
On the off chance that you have slick/oily skin, powder foundations are a decent expansion to your cosmetics pack. Since powder establishments are powder-based, it absorbs the abundance oil emitted by your skin.

Nevertheless, if you have oily skin, you will see your powder establishment turning clumpy after some time. People with dry skin types should not to utilize this kind of foundations since the powder can’t fill in the lines and wrinkles, which are more noticeable on dry skin, and tends to ‘çake.’

You would be comfortable with the squeezed powder compacts. Powder establishments are best applied with a brush or wipe.

In case that you are a dry skin type, and have an all-day occasion coming up, at that point, a cream establishment would be your smartest option.

Mousse foundations
Mousse foundations are gaining popularity due to their lightness. Also called a whipped foundation, the formula contains micro bubbles which make a light foundation to wear. It comes in medium to full coverage variants.

What makes it a great pick over a cream foundation is that mousse foundations do not settle into the ridges and accentuate lines and wrinkles.

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