3 Ways to Prepare for Winters

3 ways to prepare for winters

Winter can be dull, but it doesnt have to bePrepare yourself to greet winter this time with open arms. 

Theres no reason to write off your winter programs due to severe weather. I am here to tell you some super cool ways to prepare for the winter and have real fun in the cold season.

Stay Warm while Maintaining Your Style

Winter is all about keeping warm and active. Staying warm doesnt only mean avoiding a runny nose. Try to remain physically active, increase your work out, and boost your body’s blood circulation. 

Dress in layers 

The equally important thing is to put on warm clothes and dress in layers. But staying warm doesnt mean at all to let winter ruin your style. 

You can maintain your stylish looks even with your warm clothes. Begin with a thin layer inside but be careful to choose such clothes that fit you well. 

Next, put on the second layer of thin, tight clothes to give your winter look a right touch. Now its time to get a nice sweater on. A wool sweater is undoubtedly a fantastic choice. 

In wool fabrics, angora and cashmere are nicer as these are thicker and keep you warm without being too heavy. 

Style up with coats and scarfs 

There are also various types of winter coats available in the market. You have plenty of alternatives to choose from. Go for some stylish item that is thick but has enough room to let you layer underneath. 

To keep the severe heat from affecting your head, you have a superb option to wear a hat. It will not only save you from cold but also make your look stylish. 

The scarf is another great piece of clothes for men, while women can wear an exquisite shawl to complement their dressing. A variety of shawls and scarves is out there to help you make a well-suited choice. 

Gloves to keep your hands warm 

Hands are the part of the body that always remains exposed to cold. You wont like to stuff your hands into your pockets all the time. Mittens and gloves give you an excellent solution to this problem. 

Last but not least, your footwear has to have a kind of tread with a blend of the trend. Winter is the time of snow, ice, and slush; there is nothing classy about tripping while you walk around. 

Footwear for winter 

Boots can brilliantly serve your purpose. For women, boots can give a different look while saving from the chill. You can still wear flats or heels in winter if you want to, but it would be better to protect your legs with long socks, tights, or jeans. 

If you plan a trip to northern areas, carry a lavish stock of warm but trendy dresses, sweaters, shawls,  and some shoes. 

Get your skin ready for the cold, dry weather 

Healthy and glowing skin has a lot to do with your beauty and looks. Winters are usually harsh and dry and have a damaging impact on the skin. 

Skin becomes dull, and this condition worsens when we use blowers & heaters, enjoy sunlight, and take a bath with hot water. 

Hence, it demands that you have to take extra care of your skin. It needs only a little effort to keep your skin glowing. 

Here are some simple tips to prepare your skin: 

Moisturize your skin 

Moisturizing is essential for glowing skin to help keep your skin hydrated. 

You may choose from plenty of natural moisturizers such as castor oil, coconut oil, buttermilk, olive oil, etc. A variety of moisturizing products are also available in the market. You can choose as you like. 

Drink plenty of water 

During the winter, our water intake reduces than usual. 

But we need to drink a lot of water to save our skin from dehydration. Replenish your system with water and get glowing skin. 

Lukewarm water for bathing 

Hot showers may be more relaxing in the winter, but it makes your skin flaky and dry. 

It is even worse for sensitive skin. The better idea is to use lukewarm warm water instead of using too hot or too cold water.  

You can also take the help of some good skincare products to keep your skin glowing 

Stay Healthy 

Staying healthy should always be a topmost priority for you. And this year, amidst the hovering pandemic, it is even more critical to stay healthy. 

You cannot afford to fall ill and let winter slip away without enjoying it. Therefore, you need to maintain your health by following a healthy routine. 

Keep your hands clean 

Hands are the most exposed part of the body to contagious germs. Washing your hands regularly is an effective way to remove diseasecausing germs. 

Eat good food 

Increase your immunity by eating healthy foods that strengthen the immune system. Such foods include garlic, mushrooms, spices and herbs, chicken soup, citrus fruit, etc. 

Keep moving 

It might be challenging for you to observe your workout routine during the winter. You may not feel like going out for exercise. 

A simple solution to this is that try working out inside your home. For this purpose, you can use exercise equipment like treadmill or stair climber, etc. 

Intake vitamin D 

Vitamin D is critical for health. Going out and staying in sunlight improves your body’s vitamin D intake and improves your mood by releasing a hormone, i.e., serotonin. 

But keep in mind, being exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods can damage the skin. Dont forget to put on sunblock before going out. 

By paying a little attention to your routine, you can get ready to embrace the winter without worrying about the damaging effects.  

Moreover, you can look gorgeous more than ever by keeping your style along with keeping yourself warm. Prepare your wardrobe for the winter now with Nayab Rogues finest collection of winter fabrics and skincare products to enjoy the chilly season to the full.  

Women & Workplace Empowerment | Nayab’s Rogue

Empowered women at the workplace is a notion of rising women’s participation in the economy at large. 

Labor law and social policy expert, Iftikhar Ahmed, shares that

Though women constitute 49% of Pakistan’s population, 

they constitute only 24% of the labor force.

The International Labor Organization data indicates that Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) for men (82.5%) is three times higher than women (24.8%), in Pakistan. The data calls for ventures on local levels where women are championed and supported professionally. In a few recent years, Pakistan has observed an elevated trend by women in entrepreneurship. Nayab’s Rogue is one such initiative. 

Fortunately, a lot of companies have now begun to put up stringent policies to empower and support women in the workplace. Such measures are required to make their careers progress systematically. Here are a few applied and tested ways which helped women grow professionally at Nayab’s Rogue.

1. Motivate women to take the lead

Encouraging women to take leadership roles is a great way to build their self-confidence. A little effort can go a long way. At Nayab’s Rogue, women are encouraged to take opportunities and make decisions.

2. Changing work dynamic requires new roles for women

With changing times and work dynamics, women have challenged new roles. They have offered unique and diverse ways to develop businesses. Instead of the typical roles, women should be allowed and recruited to showcase their talent and abilities to best support the businesses. At Nayab’s Rogue, women have proved themselves in several roles; be it marketing, sales, human resource, finance, management, and more.

3. Flexible work policies for women

Generally in Pakistan, women have an added responsibility to look after the kids and family, although they are working as professionals. Businesses should incorporate suitable policies such as flexible timings, telework, so women can give ample time to work as well. At Nayab’s Rogue, women are allowed to work from home at flexible hours. 

4. Equal salary for female employees

It has been observed that women are often paid less than male coworkers. Although women have challenged the typical work roles they are still not able to fetch equal pay share for themselves. This requires a change in mindsets and behaviors towards women at the workplace. At Nayab’s Rogue, male and female coworkers are equally paid and are considered as similar resources. 

Organizations that allow women to thrive and succeed in their ambitions have more opportunity to retain such resources. Nayab’s Rogue is proud to have more than 50% of the workforce comprising of females. Women are championed and their ideas are supported enthusiastically ar Nayab’s Rogue. They are noticed and rewarded for their efforts.

Companies should make sure that women are seen and heard at workplaces and work policies should be inclusive of the female workforce.

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