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Empowered women at the workplace is a notion of rising women’s participation in the economy at large. 

Labor law and social policy expert, Iftikhar Ahmed, shares that

Though women constitute 49% of Pakistan’s population, 

they constitute only 24% of the labor force.

The International Labor Organization data indicates that Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) for men (82.5%) is three times higher than women (24.8%), in Pakistan. The data calls for ventures on local levels where women are championed and supported professionally. In a few recent years, Pakistan has observed an elevated trend by women in entrepreneurship. Nayab’s Rogue is one such initiative. 

Fortunately, a lot of companies have now begun to put up stringent policies to empower and support women in the workplace. Such measures are required to make their careers progress systematically. Here are a few applied and tested ways which helped women grow professionally at Nayab’s Rogue.

1. Motivate women to take the lead

Encouraging women to take leadership roles is a great way to build their self-confidence. A little effort can go a long way. At Nayab’s Rogue, women are encouraged to take opportunities and make decisions.

2. Changing work dynamic requires new roles for women

With changing times and work dynamics, women have challenged new roles. They have offered unique and diverse ways to develop businesses. Instead of the typical roles, women should be allowed and recruited to showcase their talent and abilities to best support the businesses. At Nayab’s Rogue, women have proved themselves in several roles; be it marketing, sales, human resource, finance, management, and more.

3. Flexible work policies for women

Generally in Pakistan, women have an added responsibility to look after the kids and family, although they are working as professionals. Businesses should incorporate suitable policies such as flexible timings, telework, so women can give ample time to work as well. At Nayab’s Rogue, women are allowed to work from home at flexible hours. 

4. Equal salary for female employees

It has been observed that women are often paid less than male coworkers. Although women have challenged the typical work roles they are still not able to fetch equal pay share for themselves. This requires a change in mindsets and behaviors towards women at the workplace. At Nayab’s Rogue, male and female coworkers are equally paid and are considered as similar resources. 

Organizations that allow women to thrive and succeed in their ambitions have more opportunity to retain such resources. Nayab’s Rogue is proud to have more than 50% of the workforce comprising of females. Women are championed and their ideas are supported enthusiastically ar Nayab’s Rogue. They are noticed and rewarded for their efforts.

Companies should make sure that women are seen and heard at workplaces and work policies should be inclusive of the female workforce.

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