Sales Force Team

Nayab's Rogue Sellers Facilitation Workshop

Nayab’s Rogue organized a one-day training in Peshawar to help women established their e-commerce seller accounts, teach how to generate income on Daraz, and provide packaging and delivery system support.

Hassam from Daraz Peshawar and Syeda Nayab, CEO and Founder of Nayab’s Rogue, presented a brief demonstration on it.

The superb training was broken up into two halves. We also planned a meeting with the experts so that everyone could share their issues and receive immediate responses.

Nayab's Rogue Sales Force Team

Build Yourself

In Durshal Peshawar, Nayab’s Rogue hosted a one-day training session on “How to Build Your E-commerce Business” with the goal of teaching attendees how to properly use the internet to generate income while working from home. Syeda Nayab, CEO and Founder of Nayab’s Rogue, gave a brief discussion on it.
We’d like to give you the chance to get your company image in front of a new generation of consumers. The amazing lesson was divided into three parts and included some incredibly interesting exercises. We also set up separate discussions with ladies to discuss their concerns.