Economy stands, where efficiency runs

Economy stands, where efficiency runs. On a lighter note, the government’s policy can be described as, if an economy runs, tax it. As we can see the inflated tax rates, that mean our economy is running in a good shape?


Well somehow YES! especially the sector of E-commerce. This is formulating in magnitude day by day, Pakistan kiosks on a very stable position regarding it’s growing economy, and the major share of its credit goes to the young nourishing minds, which is giving birth to the phenomenal ideas of business, feeding the economy like a carnivore. One such stupefying pulpit is that of NAYAB’s ROGUE. Which has been a remarkable addition to the list of successful businesses;

    Starting from small scale businesses to employing the idle loaters to work, NAYAB’s ROGUE took the initiative of creating jobs on every horizon. The business is prevalent in its merchandise, starting from the perfect pair of shoes for your feet to the breathtaking attire including accessories, successfully generating revenue of 2 million. The dormant individuals, which were only a burdensome on the economy, were put into the cycle of production, turning them fruitful for the economy. NAYAB’s ROGUE didn’t only create job opportunities for the folks but also made the market operative by making shopping easy and comfortable for the crowd, delivering to the doorsteps. This podium is all success and growth, looking into the broader spectrum, starting from the slots of delivery boys to customers, from vendors to the sellers, from the manufacturers to the market, millions were generated in this business cycle. From carnage unemployment, to put in the capital and loot into the economy NAYAB’s ROGUE is a fertile business.

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