Dodge COVID-19’s bullet with style!

How to look stylish while wearing a face mask?

Wearing a blue or white face mask all day long leaves you with little room to rock your favourite style of make-up. Following the security guidelines about COVID-19 should be our top priority and we must never compromise on our health. Nayabs Rogue has got some ideas that will make you stand out even with a face mask on during COVID-19.

1. Go Bold with Leather!
Leather bags have always been around as a statement piece in the fashion industry. By toning down the details in your outfit in terms of colour palette, print, overall design, and the jewellery; you can make a statement by carrying a bold and a striking leather bag that brings the whole look together. Leather bags are not going anywhere and will always add to a classy look.

2. Braid Your Way to the Top!
Keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic and the sweltering summer; it is always comfortable to have your hair tied. Braids are a fun way to be subtle yet at the same time be intricate in terms of style. A simple french braid, crown braid, fish braid etc. can make you stand out in terms of style particularly when you have little room to experiment with your clothing, shoes, and accessory choices. You can even include braids in your ponytail, that messy bun, or even if you choose not to tie your hair a simple braid front hair band can add a huge flare to your look.

3. Bling with those Jewels On!
Wearing jewellery can add extra “oomph” that you might be missing lately. Jewellery allows you to be very versatile: from dainty to chunky jewellery, simple chains to loads of jewels, and from classic silver or gold to unconventional metals you name it. There is an array of choices for you to represent yourself, your style, and your take on it.

4. Scream Scarves!
We all know how easy it is to get tan in summer. Apart from wearing a sunblock; using scarves is also another great way to protect yourself from the scorching sun. You can use a scarf to style your outfit and use that same scarf as a face mask too! When it comes to scarves; the embellishments, print, colour, texture of the fabric, and length of the fabric etc. can all make or break the look! So, go explore your wardrobe for the scarves that you have not used in a while or you can order scarves from Nayab Rogue. Go out of the box while using those scarves to stylise your look and rock on!

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