All You Need to Feel Bold while Working-from-Home this Year Putting Minimal Effort!

The year 2020 has been rough due to the pandemic with a vast majority of people struggling to adjust in this new normal life many of us are now working from home which means we do not get to dress up for the office every day which might make us feel out of our element at times. It certainly should not stop you from celebrating yourself through makeup. Nayab’s Rogue has come up with some beauty trends of 2020 to make you feel more alive with minimal effort even on days when you are feeling out of place and dull.

Colour in the Inner Corner is All YOU NEED! Make those eyes pop with minimal effort by adding a pop of colour using a neon or metallic eye shadow to feel more alive. Take this time to explore your individuality through colours in a bold yet minimal way.

A Natural Eyebrows Gone are the days when overly-filled-in and stencilled Instagram brows were a trend. This year is all about fluffy brows. Use a tinted brow gel to give you eyebrows a more defined shape subtly and look fresh all day…even in those video conference calls. Make a statement. French Manicure and Colour Pop Regardless of whether you are working from home or have your office resumed; a simple french manicure can give you a polished look and it has remained a classic style in the nail industry. 2020 is all about being minimal and playing with colour. This year is about adding a bright colour accent to your French mani and boosting that classic look with a modern take on it.
“Shag” Haircut is the New Chic Experiment with your haircut by drawing inspiration from the 70’s rockstars by opting for a shag haircut this year. This haircut helps bring more definition in the hair in terms of volume and texture. Nayab’s Rogues thinks that it is a perfect way to revamp your entire look. Look Sleek in that Bob For a more manageable yet a polished hairstyle; chop your hair into a sleek bob and rock that 90’s vibe. The sleek bob is the ultimate hairstyle beauty trend this year. Feel like a supermodel everywhere and every day.


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