By a female for a female

 It is said, “The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”. Women empowerment is basically enabling women in the circle of their strategic life, allowing them to access control, leading to a symmetrical and harmonious life. Breaking the obstacles, hindering between genders. Women had always been marginalized on the basis of their varied sexual stratification. The force that was needed to overcome this stigma, that women are less to men, was overthrown by a girl, in her very young age, infringing these stereotypes, NAYAB ROGUE came up with her astonishing platform, for empowering women

NAYAB’s ROGUE is a platform of e-tailing market, digitalized shopping, and a step towards women empowerment because NAYAB’s ROGUE is FOR the women, FROM the women, and BY the Women. This pulpit didn’t only train 100s of women in their workshops and campaigns but has also made them work and earn from their podium, the girls and women were turned into earning crusades. Many loaf women you had the skills but Didn’t have the exposure and platform were given the access to sell their products via NAYAB’s ROGUE, earning a handsome amount of money. The products were then made available to the vendors, making the market more mobile. Around 30 plus business are making their living and earning their bread and butter from this platform. NAYAB’s ROGUE is providing real-life ways to make women earn from their houses. This site is pretty widespread in its products, ranging from shoes and slippers to heels and comfortable clothing to accessories and by the grace of Almighty many are in the generating income from NAYAB’s business. NAYAB’s ROGUE is opening new and modern doors into the business world, conquering and smashing cliché, redefining dimensions.

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